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Give advice, not lectures.

What you can do

Keep your child from tuning you out by offering advice rather than giving lectures. Speak in a calm voice and, if possible, maintain eye contact.

Try to avoid times when he’s upset or is in the middle of doing something he enjoys. Ask him if this is a good time to talk, and use as few words as possible.

What you can say

“Jacob, I’d like to share something with you, but only if this is a good time and you’re interested in hearing my ideas. Is now an OK time to talk?”

“I have some thoughts about how you might react differently at our next family function and how it could make the event more enjoyable for you and the rest of the family.”

Why this will help

Children with attention issues learn to expect nagging or lectures and quickly tune these things out. They’ll respond better to your suggestions if they feel they have a choice or input on the matter. By using a calm voice and a short, positive opening statement, you’ll have a better chance of your child actually listening to what you’re saying.

68Found this helpful
68Found this helpful

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