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Give unconditional love.

What you can do

Accept and love your child for who he is. Give him lots of hugs and high fives. 

Establish rules and routines, and be clear about your expectations. When necessary, discipline him by calmly stating what the rules are and following through with consistent consequences. Providing a safe, predictable home environment can have a positive effect on his self-esteem.

What you can say

“Jacob, where do you think your coat might be? Ah, OK, so you’re pretty sure you left it at school today? You did a good job yesterday remembering to bring it home from school. I really like when you remember things. Come here, my handsome coatless boy, and give me a hug.”

Why this will help

All children need to feel valued and loved, but this is especially true for kids with learning and attention issues. They often receive negative feedback for their actions, and this can contribute to low self-esteem and feelings of self-doubt.

Positive attention from you can help your child feel more confident, respected and competent. By combining support and reassurance with appropriate rules and discipline, you’ll help your child feel safe, secure and loved, which is the foundation for a durable and positive self-esteem.

103Found this helpful
103Found this helpful

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