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Give your child a gold star.

What you can do

Use praise or rewards to encourage good behavior more frequently than you use negative comments or punishment to discourage bad behavior. Make a chart with points or stars for good behaviors. Reward your child with privileges and activities rather than toys, and give them to your child right away rather than making him wait.

Reward your child often and for small accomplishments along the way to a larger goal. Change the prizes frequently, and keep in mind that hugs, smiles, thumbs-up and high fives can also serve as rewards.

What you can say

“Jacob, it’s almost time to clean up your toys so we can have lunch. I will put the timer next to you. When the timer goes off, it will be time to put your truck away in the green bin. You did a great job cleaning up your toys. Let’s put a star on your chart.”

Why this will help

Gold stars and other visuals will help young children with attention issues remember their successes. Kids with attention issues also need immediate feedback because they often have trouble waiting until the end of the day or end of the week for their reward.

Changing the rewards fairly frequently will keep your child interested and motivated to do the right thing.

72Found this helpful
72Found this helpful

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