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Give your child a hall pass.

What you can do

Help your child learn how to handle social interactions in the school hallway. Keep in mind that these can be stressful since friends who want to chat can throw your child’s transition schedule off track.

What you can say

“Sofia, you said one reason why you’re often late for class is because you pass by friends in the hallway who want to talk. Instead of stopping, you could say, ‘Hi, Addy, I gotta run so I’m not late for math. But let’s meet up at lunch, OK?’ Your friend’s feelings won’t be hurt as long as you explain why you can’t stay and talk in between classes.”

Why this will help

Middle school and high school can be particularly challenging for children with learning and attention issues. Social interactions move fast, and the stakes are high for social acceptance. Practicing how conversations are likely to play out at school can help your child work on social skills.

20Found this helpful
20Found this helpful

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