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Help her shift gears socially.

What you can do

Show your middle-schooler how to shift gears socially throughout the day. Use role-play to practice the transition from being quiet and respectful in class to being outgoing and talkative in the hallway to settling down again at the start of the next class.

Ask your child about the transition to and from lunch period and to and from more active classes like physical education. Talk about the importance of adjusting not only volume but also tone of voice during transition times. Explain why some behaviors that work well with students shouldn’t be used with teachers.

What you can say

“I hear you, Sofia. I really do. I remember it was hard when I was a kid going from being rowdy at lunchtime to settling down into a classroom.”

“Are you doing OK switching to your inside voice? Maybe we need to work on that a little more. It could be helpful to say a phrase to yourself, like ‘At the door we talk no more.’”

Why this will help

Kids with learning and attention issues often have trouble shifting gears socially. Encourage your child to look around frequently and be conscious of where she is and who else is there. This can help her avoid making social errors.

42Found this helpful
42Found this helpful

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