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Help your child understand ADHD.

What you can do

Help your child find reading material and videos about ADHD, and discuss them together.

What you can say

“Jacob, we’re really glad your school figured out you have ADHD. We feel so much better knowing that certain behaviors aren’t our fault or yours. Now we understand why you have trouble focusing at times and why you get distracted by lots of different things.”

“Knowing that you have ADHD will make it easier for us to help and for you to manage these issues better. We’ve always known that you’re really creative and good with sports and building things. ADHD actually seems to help with those things! Go figure.”

“Dad and I are way more confident that together we can come up with some strategies to make this ADHD thing easier for you to handle and to use your many strengths better too.”

Why this will help

Helping tweens and teens understand the nature of ADHD can eliminate some of their anxiety, fear, guilt and feelings of inferiority. Knowing more about the medical condition also gives kids a framework for identifying strategies that can help with ADHD.

Sometimes simply knowing that parents understand which behaviors are really hard to control can boost kids’ confidence. This can also help them to start to feel the issue is more manageable too.

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117Found this helpful
117Found this helpful

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