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Identify misconceptions.

What you can do

Don’t let your child’s struggles in one area define her overall self-worth. Identify and correct misconceptions. Help her get out of the habit of expecting to fail before even attempting to do something new.

What you can say

“Did I hear you correctly, Sofia? You think that you stink at soccer? Back up a minute. If I remember correctly, you had two assists last week and Coach praised you for being in position every time the ball came your way.”

“Yes, you missed a couple of passes today, but so did many of your teammates. You have improved so much since the beginning of the season. Tell me one thing you want to work on this week before your next game, and we can practice it.”

Why this will help

Children with learning and attention issues can get so down on themselves that they may start thinking there’s no reason other kids would want to spend time with them.

Using concrete examples will help correct misconceptions your child has about her abilities. Listening to her concerns and pointing out the positives will help frame the situation in a more balanced way.

Building up her confidence will help her interact with peers too. The more attractive she feels, the more likely she’ll be to join in.

115Found this helpful
115Found this helpful

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