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Keep building on her strengths.

What you can do

Praise your child’s accomplishments, and keep looking for ways to build on her strengths and successes. Show her how to use her interests and abilities to meet new challenges. Encourage her to join clubs so she can meet kids who share her interests.

What you can say

“Sofia, I know you’re anxious about making friends in a new school. You have a great singing voice. What do you think about joining chorus or trying out for a musical theater group? This way, you could meet new people who will value your talent and share your interests.”

Why this will help

Tweens and teens with learning and attention issues face many struggles in and out of the classroom. This can often lead to self-doubt and the feeling that failure is inevitable.

There are many ways you can build on your child’s strengths and boost her self-esteem. Doing these things can help change the way your child sees herself. It can also improve her relationships with peers. The more confident your child feels, the more likely she’ll be to interact with kids and to keep working on her social skills.

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