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Know your no’s.

What you can do

Help your child learn how to resist peer pressure without losing face among peers. Talk about the different ways of saying no and explain why some are more effective than others. Encourage your child to play the “Know Your No’s” game to learn more about the best way to resist peer pressure.

Use role-play and pretend to be a classmate pressuring your child to drink alcohol or do drugs. Show your child how dodging a question or answering it in a way that sounds indecisive won’t end the pressure-filled conversation. It will only lead to more pressure.

What you can say

“Sofia, you need to be polite but firm if Alicia asks you again if you want to go to a party with her where the kids will be drinking alcohol. Stand up nice and straight, look her in the eye and say, ‘No, thanks, I’ll pass. But I’ll see you at soccer practice on Monday.’”

Why this will help

Tweens and teens need to be taught strategies to help them resist peer pressure. Assertive communication is the most effective approach for dealing with unwanted offers or requests.

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41Found this helpful

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