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Make eye contact.

What you can do

Be sure you have your child’s attention when a transition is approaching. Get close enough so that you can look into his eyes. Say his name, and use a calm, quiet tone of voice—but also one that’s full of energy and encourages changing activities.

What you can say

“Jacob, it’s time to leave the park and go home for lunch. I have an idea for a special lunch that you’ll love, and you can help me make it. We can also make fruit kabobs for dessert.”

Why this will help

Young children with learning and attention issues can get easily distracted and become overwhelmed when people throw a lot of words at them. Making eye contact and using your child’s name can ensure that he’s ready to listen to what you’re about to say and won’t be distracted by other things in his surroundings.

155Found this helpful
155Found this helpful

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