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Point out progress.

What you can do

Help your child see how much progress she’s making toward explicitly stated goals. These goals might involve improving academic, athletic or social skills.

Tell her whenever you notice even the slightest improvement. Sometimes children are simply not good at assessing this change themselves.

What you can say

“Sofia, I want you to know I’ve noticed you’ve been using your break time more effectively. You also seem to be able to focus better on your homework after the break. I know break time is one of those things that may not seem all that important. But it actually is. And I’m proud of you.”

Why this will help

Kids need to feel not only that they’re getting better at things that are difficult for them, but that parents notice when they’re making progress or seem less frustrated. You can help motivate your child to keep working hard by pointing out which strategies are producing better results. Make it clear that even the smallest successes can have a cumulative effect.

12Found this helpful
12Found this helpful

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