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Practice giving and getting compliments.

What you can do

Help your child practice giving and receiving a compliment. Encourage her to say the nice things she’s thinking about the people around her. Point out body language too. Suggest combining the compliment with eye contact and a smile.

Teach your child that a compliment is like a gift and should be accepted with a smile and a simple “Thank you.” Talk about how compliments make her feel and how people tend to remember them long after they are given.

What you can say

“Sofia, let’s practice a way to let our friends know that we’re thinking nice things about them. For example, if Jamie comes to school with a nice red sweater, you could make good eye contact with her and say, ‘Jamie, I really like that sweater!’”

“How do you think that would make her feel? She will probably smile and say, ‘Thank you, Sofia.’ Now suppose you came to school with a new backpack, and Jamie said to you, ‘Hey, cool backpack.’ How would you feel? What would you say?”

Why this will help

Teaching your child how to give and receive compliments will help her appreciate others and to feel appreciated as well. Kids with learning and attention issues often need to be taught social skills very explicitly. Frequent reminders will help them master these new skills.

58Found this helpful
58Found this helpful

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