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Praise social effort big or small.

What you can do

Celebrate your child’s social successes—even the little ones. If possible, praise him as soon as he earns it. Be specific about what behavior you’re praising.

Keep him socially active so he’ll have plenty of opportunities to earn your praise. Help him understand the connection between positive social interactions and the building of strong friendships.

What you can say

“You are a real friend, Jacob. You recognized that Allison was embarrassed when she fell down. You helped her pick up all the stuff she’d dropped while the other kids laughed. I’m sure she really appreciated that you were there for her.”

Why this will help

Praise is one of the most powerful tools you can use to guide your child’s behavior and build confidence. By calling attention to positive social behaviors, you’ll be encouraging him to continue those behaviors.

40Found this helpful
40Found this helpful

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