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Recognize and build on her strengths.

What you can do

Help your grade-schooler recognize and take pride in her strengths. Praise her accomplishments, and find activities that tap into her abilities and interests.

For example, if she’s bursting with energy, look for physical activities like soccer or dance. If she likes to draw, an art class can nurture her creativity while helping her focus for longer periods of time.

Encourage her to spend time with kids who share her interests.

What you can say

“Sofia, you run like the wind and have a huge grin on your face while you’re running. I wish I had your speed and energy! Aunt Lillian was telling me about a group called Girls on the Run. There are a lot of these groups around the country and one of them meets right here at our community center. I think you’d love being part of this group and the girls would be happy to have you join them. What do you think?”

Why this will help

Grade-schoolers with learning and attention issues face many struggles in and out of the classroom. This can often lead to self-doubt and feeling that failure is inevitable. 

There are many ways you can build on your child’s strengths and boost her self-esteem. Doing these things can help change the way your child sees herself. It can also improve her relationships with peers. The more confident your child feels, the more likely she’ll be to interact with kids and to keep working on her social skills.

51Found this helpful
51Found this helpful

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