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Schedule quality time each week.

What you can do

Make time each week to do something fun or relaxing with just you and your child. It can be hard to carve out this kind of quality time when there are so many other things you need to do and other people who need your attention. But the quality of the time is more important than the amount of time.

During this time, avoid focusing on schoolwork and other areas where your child might be struggling. Look for ways to keep things upbeat.

What you can say

“Jacob, after your rehearsal tomorrow, let’s go grab some pizza at your favorite place. I’m eager to hear all about the play.”

“It’ll be nice to talk about it alone at the pizza place, where there aren’t all the distractions we have to deal with at home. What do you say? It’s always so much fun when we can grab an hour of uninterrupted just-you-and-me time.”

Why this will help

By taking time to focus on something positive and fun with your child, you’ll help improve your child’s sense of self-worth and also help balance your sometimes contradictory roles as taskmaster and nurturer-in-chief.

75Found this helpful
75Found this helpful

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