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Showcase her achievements.

What you can do

Find places in your home to showcase your child’s achievements. This might include hanging her artwork, certificates and other items on the wall.

What you can say

“Sofia, I’m going to frame this really nice thank-you note from the hospital auxiliary group. It’ll remind you of what a great job you did helping with their holiday clothing drive. Where should we hang it?”

“I’d love to put it right here. But if for some reason you don’t want it out where everyone can see it, I’d like to hang it in my bedroom. It makes me feel good to know how much you’re helping other people.”

Why this will help

Displaying things like artwork, certificates and thank-you notes from community service groups will remind your child that she has strengths and talents. It will also show her that you recognize and value her abilities. Showcasing her achievements will help her deal with failure in other areas.

33Found this helpful
33Found this helpful

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