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Suggest joining a theater group.

What you can do

Encourage your child to take a drama class or participate in other theme-based activities. These can help her get better at understanding the give-and-take of conversation. They can also be fun ways to practice thinking about things from other people’s perspectives.

What you can say

“Sofia, my drama queen, you’ll shine in the drama club. One good part of this activity is that you’ll get to play different roles and get to look at the same situation from the point of view of many different characters.”

“That is something we all can learn from. It will help, for example, when you have to figure out how to respond to a friend who has a different point of view than you do.”

“I think you’re going to really enjoy being on stage. One nice bonus of being part of this club is that you can use what you learn every day!”

Why this will help

Drama groups and other activities can help your child become a more flexible thinker. They often involve activities with several possible courses of action that can each lead to a different outcome. That’s why acting classes can be a great way to explore problem-solving skills.

One nice thing about these activities is that they tend to have a lot of structure to them. This can make your child feel more comfortable than in real-life social situations. Working on problem-solving skills in a non-threatening setting can help her get better at using them in the wild.

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