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Teach your child how to share.

What you can do

Make sharing fun. Teach your child to play cooperative games that lead to a common goal. Suggest things she can share with friends, such as toys or a special snack. Ask before a playdate if there’s anything she’d rather not share, and find a place to keep those items safely tucked away.

When you and your child are alone, role-play different scenarios to help her learn how to ask for toys, negotiate for them and apologize for grabbing them.

What you can say

“Sofia, the last time you and Kim had a playdate, you spent a lot of time fighting over toys. Let’s practice what to say and do when you both want to play with the same doll.”

“Let’s pretend I want to play with the doll, and I’m about to grab it from you. You could say something to me like, ‘You can have the doll as soon as I finish putting her new dress on.’ Saying this will let me know I’ll get to have a turn soon.”

“OK, now you give it a try. Can you think of another way we can practice this?”

Why this will help

Learning how to share will help your child get along better with other kids. Role-playing encourages her to develop problem-solving skills. Exploring a number of approaches together will help her determine what’s effective. Practicing these strategies at home will help her remember them the next time a conflict occurs.

52Found this helpful
52Found this helpful

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