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Tell your child a “social story.”

What you can do

Help make sure your child has a clear understanding about routines, behavioral expectations and other skills by writing what’s called a “social story.” This simple story addresses a specific goal in a structured way. It describes what your child needs to do in order to achieve that goal. Social stories are written in the first person and can include pictures as well as text.

What you can say

“Sofia, I’m really excited about the back-to-school ice cream social this afternoon. Let’s sit down and read your ‘personal space’ social story together before we go!”

“My name is Sofia.”

“I have an area all around me that I call my ‘personal space.’”

“My personal space is like a big bubble that nobody can see.”

“When my personal space is big, it goes way out to my fingertips and people stay outside of it.”

“When my personal space is big, I don’t touch people and people don’t touch me.”

“This helps everyone feel safe and comfortable.”

Why this will help

Children with learning and attention issues often struggle with new social situations as well as expected routines. Social stories can help your child cope with a wide variety of issues in a non-threatening way. By breaking down a challenging situation into manageable steps and reading those steps often, your child can learn and maintain appropriate behaviors and responses.

102Found this helpful
102Found this helpful

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