¿Por qué algunos niños se distraen tanto en clase?

Por Rayma Griffin (MA, MEd)


What causes some kids to daydream a lot in class? Could they just be bored?


They might be. It’s not uncommon for kids to sometimes daydream when they’re bored, both in and out of school.

Kids get bored in class for different reasons. They might already know the material. Or they may have no interest in the topic. It’s also possible the teacher is presenting the material in a way that doesn’t engage them.

When kids are bored, they may drift off, not really thinking about anything in particular. But sometimes, when kids look “daydreamy,” they’re really deep in thought — just not about the lesson.

Instead, they may be focused on something that’s happening at home or with friends. They’re thinking hard about something that’s more important to them than what’s going on in class.

If kids daydream once in a while, it’s usually not a problem. But if it happens often, there could be more to it than boredom. Some kids have a hard time focusing and are easily distracted — even by their own thoughts. And that can get in the way of learning.

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    Acerca del autor

    Acerca del autor

    Rayma Griffin (MA, MEd) ha dedicado 40 años de su vida a trabajar en el aula con niños que piensan y aprenden de manera diferente y como administradora.