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Social Distancing Challenges: Tips to Help Kids at School

Kids who learn and think differently may have trouble staying 6 feet apart at school. Get tips to he…


Back-to-School Anxiety in Kids: What to Watch Out For This Year

Back-to-school anxiety is common this year as the COVID pandemic continues. For some kids, anxiety i…

Talking with your child

Perspectives: Talking With Kids About Racial Injustice

Get perspectives from a child psychologist, teachers, parents, and young adults on talking with kids…

Homework and study skills

School Refusal: How to Help Your Child Cope

Some kids may be so anxious about starting the school year this year they flat-out refuse. Here’s ho…

In It: A podcast on raising kids who learn and think differently

Discover In It, a podcast that explores the joys and frustrations of raising kids who learn and think differently.