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Eye to Eye, Understood Founding Partner

Great things happen when you have a “shoulder to learn on.” That’s the philosophy at Eye to Eye, the national mentoring movement for different thinkers.

Eye to Eye pairs young students with learning disabilities and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (LD/ADHD) with college and high school mentors who have similar labels. Through a proven arts-based curriculum, mentors share strategies of doing great things with learning and thinking differences, while mentees learn self-esteem and self-advocacy skills crucial to success in school and life.

Eye to Eye’s research suggests that bringing successful college students with LD/ADHD into school settings as role models for educators, students, and parents is one of the most effective ways to change attitudes—and lives. In 2011, they launched the Think Different Diplomats, a speakers’ bureau of current mentors, recent graduates, and executive team members who speak about their LD/ADHD success stories across the country. With over 56 local chapters in 20 states, Camp Eye to Eye (in conjunction this year with New York City’s 92nd Street Y) and social media engagement, Eye to Eye is determined that, one day, all learners will be recognized, and youths who learn differently will realize their potential to succeed in school and life.

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