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Neurodiversity in the workplace

Neuroinclusion benefits everyone. Understood can help you build a stronger, more inclusive, more equitable workplace.

Are you taking your first steps toward neuroinclusion at work? Or are you looking for ways to do more? Either way, Understood can help you reach your diversity, equity, and inclusion goals. 

At Understood, we believe difference is our greatest strength. We know that people with learning and thinking differences, like dyslexia or ADHD, add value to the workplace. They can be innovative thinkers. Creative problem solvers. Skilled in spatial and mechanical reasoning.

Our employee resource programs offer practical, evidence-based products and services. Employee resource groups, HR executives, and other inclusion champions can use them to create a workplace where everyone can thrive.

Understood products and services

  • Employee resources toolkits

    Our curated collections of informative and action-oriented content, downloadable assets, and other resources support the needs of neurodivergent team members, their managers, and their allies.

  • Live learning experiences

    Our experts host fireside chats, interactive webinars, and immersive discussions that raise awareness, build knowledge, and promote action. Learners practice inclusive behavior and get tips and tools to use on the job.

  • Workplace assessment and action plan

    We offer an in-depth analysis of your current processes and practices. Organizations get a detailed plan to make their workplace more neuroinclusive.

We’d love to help you achieve your neuroinclusion goals. For more information on our products and services, contact us at


Organizations of all sizes and across all industries work with Understood to elevate their neuroinclusion and accessibility practices.

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Understood workplace partners are advocates for neuroinclusion. They support and amplify our work to build more equitable workplaces.

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  • “From creating a custom training experience for our team, to helping us reach a broad pool of disabled talent through their employment networks, Understood has been a joy to work with. The Understood team really cares about making the work environment (and the world!) better for folks with disabilities, and it shows.”

    —Erin Becker, Associate Director, The Carpentries

  • “Understood’s team was a true partner in rolling out our disability inclusion education for Culture Amp. They worked alongside my team to customize the training to the needs of our company. The initial training is comprehensive and was received well by our Campers (employees). We are eager to find additional opportunities to work with the Understood team in the near future through our ERGs.”

    —Thushy Muruges, Equitable Design Lead, Culture Amp

  • “Save the Children is deeply appreciative of its partnership with Understood, whose expertise in the disability inclusion space is unmatched. Our staff greatly benefited from their comprehensive and tailored training and have implemented many of the takeaways. We look forward to finding future opportunities to work with Understood and continue our disability inclusion education, awareness, and efforts.” 

    —Marilee Holmes, Lead Advisor, Disability, Inclusion, and Belonging, Save the Children

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