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Kevin Hager

Kevin Hager is the founder and president of Hager Advisors. He served as managing director for Understood from its launch in 2014 until 2018, leading strategy and operations across the Understood ecosystem to support families of the 1 in 5 kids who learn and think differently.

Under Hager’s leadership, Understood grew into an active online resource and community, reaching more than 2 million visitors per month through personalized resources, tools, and expert access. Hager’s passion for learning and attention issue advocacy comes from his personal experience of living with ADHD.

Hager previously served as the vice president and chief digital officer of the National Center for Learning Disabilities. He also worked in politics in press and campaign management roles.

Hager serves on the national advisory board for SXSWEdu and is secretary of the board of directors for the Dramatists Guild Fund. He regularly speaks on philanthropy and social impact strategy, including at Harvard, Yale and the UN Headquarters in Geneva.

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