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Miriam Tager, PhD

Miriam Tager, PhD, is an assistant professor of early childhood education at Westfield State University in Massachusetts. She and her wife, Robin, have two children—Ella, 12, and Lily, 5—and a dog named Leo.

Tager is originally from Brooklyn, and worked in Brooklyn and in New Jersey for 15 years as a first-grade teacher. She loves to read, watch classic movies, and travel.

Tager is a strong supporter of early childhood education and is an advocate for universal preschool, when it accommodates the local culture of a community. She graduated with a PhD from the CUNY Graduate Center in the urban education department. She is the author of Challenging the School Readiness Agenda in Early Childhood Education (Routledge, 2017). Her research interests include critical pedagogy, school readiness, and racism.

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