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Beth Jacobson

Beth Jacobson is a New York City–based writer and disability activist who has learning and thinking differences herself. She is committed to building community for people with disabilities.

Jacobson is an intern at Understood founding partner National Center for Learning Disabilities and at VIDA: Women in Literary Arts. There, she contributes to the first survey of authors with disabilities. She has blogged for Friends of Quinn, a site for young adults with learning differences.

Jacobson attended high school at the Churchill School and Center. In 2015, she graduated from Sarah Lawrence College, where she co-led the Disability Alliance. Her college thesis looked at how learning disabilities are portrayed in literature for children and young adults.

As a very young child, Jacobson was diagnosed with nonspecific learning disabilities. These include expressive and receptive language delays, dyspraxia, slow processing speed, visual-spatial issues, and organizational difficulties. She wants to understand more about her own challenges and help others feel understood.

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