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Erik von Hahn, MD

Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician, Floating Hospital for Children, Tufts Medical Center

Erik von Hahn, MD, is a developmental-behavioral pediatrician and associate professor of pediatrics at Tufts University School of Medicine. He has been working with children with learning disabilities, autism spectrum disorder, and other developmental issues for more than two decades.

He has a clinical practice at the Center for Children with Special Needs at Tufts’ Floating Hospital for Children. He also consults regularly with schools in the Boston area. A big focus of his work is helping families and school teams collaborate.

Von Hahn received his medical training at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, where he also completed his pediatric residency. He completed his fellowship in developmental-behavioral pediatrics at Boston Children’s Hospital and at Tufts Medical Center in 1998. He completed a two-year fellowship in child psychiatry at Boston Children’s Hospital in 2000.

He is board-certified in pediatrics and in developmental-behavioral pediatrics.

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