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Molly Algermissen, PhD

Associate Professor of Medical Psychology, Columbia University Medical Center

Molly Algermissen, PhD, is a clinical psychologist and assistant professor of medical psychology at Columbia University Medical Center in New York City. She is the clinical director of PROMISE at Columbia, whose mission is to help underserved children with learning disabilities get the support they need to succeed.

Algermissen supervises postdoctoral fellows who conduct neuropsychological evaluations at PROMISE. She also oversees the work of the educational consultant responsible for educating parents about their child’s learning differences and helping families get the services they need at school.

Algermissen also participates in research at the New York Psychiatric Institute. She received her doctorate in clinical psychology from George Mason University and completed her postdoctoral fellowship in pediatric neuropsychology at Children’s Hospital, New Orleans. Her areas of specialization include neuropsychology, learning disabilities, autism, and developmental disorders.

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