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Sheldon H. Horowitz, EdD

Senior Director, Learning Resources & Research, National Center for Learning Disabilities

Sheldon H. Horowitz, EdD, is senior director of learning resources and research at the National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD). A co-author of NCLD’s 2014 State of Learning Disabilities, Horowitz works closely with members of the organization’s Professional Advisory Board and has provided leadership and expertise for many of NCLD’s key projects, including national summits, the creation of an early learning and literacy screening tool, an early learning observation and rating scale, and content for parents of at-risk learners about transitioning to kindergarten.

Prior to joining NCLD, Horowitz directed hospital-based evaluation and treatment programs in psychiatry and developmental pediatrics and has taught at the primary, secondary, and college levels. His professional interests include the neurobiology of learning, postsecondary transition, and learning disabilities in the workplace.

A longstanding member of the National Joint Committee on Learning Disabilities, Horowitz earned a master’s degree from Peabody College, Vanderbilt University, with course concentration in educational assessment, and his doctorate from Teachers College, Columbia University, with course concentrations in learning disabilities and neurosciences in education.

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