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2022:’s year in review

Image’s mission is to shape the world for difference so that people with learning and thinking differences, like ADHD and dyslexia, can thrive. We’re proud of the work we’ve done together in 2022. We’ve worked to:

  • Build confidence in people who learn and think differently

  • Reduce stigma around learning and thinking differences

  • Drive advocacy in these areas

Launching Wunder: A first-of-its-kind community app for parents 

For many parents and caregivers, raising a child with learning and thinking differences can be isolating. The stigmas around these differences can make it difficult to talk openly about challenges and find support. 

That’s why launched Wunder. This free, first-of-its-kind community app was designed to help parents feel less alone and more confident as they navigate learning and thinking differences. Wunder is a safe space where parents can gather tips and resources. They can seek advice from experts. And they can share personal stories of triumph or frustration with people who know where they’re coming from. Because that’s what being in an authentic community is all about. 

Moving forward, we’re excited to expand our Wunder community. And we’ll continue to provide resources and expert advice. 

Asking parents to be the reason their kids thrive in our “Be the Reason” campaign

Our Neurodiversity and Stigma Study found that a majority of parents believe learning and thinking differences are real. This is great news! But many still believe the false narratives around these challenges. In fact, more than half (55 percent) are afraid to tell others about their child’s learning and thinking difference because of associated bias. 

Negative perceptions of learning and thinking differences impact children’s mental health. And they often prevent parents from taking action to support their kids. launched the “Be the Reason” campaign to change this. Its goal was to make more parents aware of learning and thinking differences — and to reduce the stigma surrounding these differences. The campaign included:

  • A film depicting the challenges of a young girl when her parents don’t support her

  • A social media challenge led by The Holderness Family

  • A landing page with resources, real stories, and activities 

The “Be the Reason” campaign has helped shift millions of parents from skeptics to supporters. 

Providing workplaces with disability inclusion products and training 

We also took the next step to make workplaces more equitable, supportive, and productive for all. In 2022, we launched a comprehensive suite of products and trainings to promote disability and neurodiversity inclusion. 

Our workplace offerings help organizations educate staff and break down stigmas and misconceptions about neurodivergence. Through on-demand trainings, virtual live trainings, and a workplace assessment and action plan, we enhance each organization’s ability to implement disability inclusion.

We’ve worked with companies and organizations like 4A’s, Mercy Health, and Save the Children. And we’re excited about expanding our workplace partners and offerings in 2023. 

Expanding the Understood Podcast Network 

Real stories, experiences, and perspectives play a powerful role in creating awareness, building understanding, and promoting advocacy. With this in mind, expanded its existing podcast network. Understood Explains joined In It, ADHD Aha!, How’d You Get THAT Job?!, and The Opportunity Gap as the fifth podcast in the Understood Podcast Network. 

Season 1 of Understood Explains, hosted by Dr. Andrew Kahn, explains each step of the process school districts use to evaluate kids for special education services.

As we head into 2023, explore the network and check out some of our most popular episodes below. And stay tuned for more compelling and helpful episodes. 

Join us in shaping the world for difference 

Looking back at 2022, we’re thankful for the people, partners, and stakeholders who elevated and advanced our mission. We didn’t — and can’t — do it alone. 

As schools cope with the academic slide and workplaces undergo ever more changes, it’s never been more urgent to get our resources out there and shape the world for difference. People who learn and think differently need support to thrive — whether they’re our kids, our friends, our co-workers, or ourselves. 

If you want to shape the world for difference, explore donating to or partnering with our team

We look forward to the year ahead and hope you’ll join us as we continue our important work in 2023. 

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