Our mission
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Our mission

To help those who learn and think differently discover their potentials, take control, find community, and stay on positive paths along each stage of life’s journey.

Why learning and thinking differences?

70 million Americans* have learning and thinking differences, like ADHD and dyslexia.

The world looks at difference as weakness, dismissing the 1 in 5 people who learn and think differently — even though they’re as smart as their peers. Dismissal often leaves these individuals undiagnosed and misunderstood, making it even harder to thrive.

*That’s someone in your family, four of your friends, 10 of your co-workers.

Why support matters

Without support, the 1 in 5 people who learn and think differently face more challenges.

People with learning and thinking differences have to overcome stigma, a lack of awareness, and an idea of normal that doesn’t really exist. As a result, many don’t reach their potential — costing society hundreds of billions of dollars. But when they’re supported and feel understood, these 70 million people can become self-confident, find meaningful work, and ultimately thrive.

Kemba has ADHD.

She is twice as likely to be unemployed than her peers without a learning and thinking difference.

How we work

We focus on the individual.

People who learn and think differently are at the center of all our content and experiences. We’re dedicated to offering resources to help them take control, find community, and stay on a positive path at every stage of life’s journey.

Support matters at key moments.

Every life journey is unique, but we all share meaningful life stages — including people who learn and think differently. As these individuals progress through life, we’re here to support them. Some may experience loneliness, resentment, and confusion. Regardless of their challenges at key moments, we help them become more resilient so they can start thriving.

We support the supporters, too.

Not only do we support the individuals who learn and think differently, we also support those close to them — allowing them to understand and embrace differences, learn how to build confidence, and help others have more fulfilling lives.

We enable changes that will shape the world for difference.

When individuals have the right people and information available to them, they can embrace positive attitudes and make meaningful changes in their behaviors. When more and more people change their behaviors, we’ll live in a world shaped for difference — and thriving will be equally possible for all.

How you can help

Support our mission.

Help us shape the world for difference so the 1 in 5 Americans who learn and think differently can be broadly embraced, and everyone — regardless of difference — will finally be Understood.

Get involved

Learn about our partnerships.

We work with partners — true collaborators who share our passion and vision to shape the world for difference. Their support is essential to advancing our mission.

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