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Bob Cunningham

Executive Director of Learning Development at Understood

Bob Cunningham is a nationally known education leader whose career has focused on students who learn and think differently. He serves as executive director of learning development at Understood, where he is a founding expert on learning and attention differences.

Previously, Cunningham was executive director for both the Robert Louis Stevenson School and the Purnell School, and head of school for the Gateway School. Throughout his career, he has consulted with schools, organizations, and families on matters related to the education of diverse learners. He has also worked as a teacher, evaluator, and administrator in several public school districts. Cunningham has served as a trustee, advisor, or professional advisory board member for organizations such as the National Center for Learning Disabilities, the Reimagine Learning Fund at New Profit Inc., the NVLD Project, the Purnell School, the Meeting House program, the Ideal School, and the Gateway School of Mumbai.

Bob holds a BS in education from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and two master’s degrees from Teachers College, Columbia University, where he has also been an instructor in the department of special education and the department of curriculum and teaching.

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    If your child is struggling, Take N.O.T.E.

    As an educator, school leader, and someone with expertise in learning and thinking differences, I’ve always told families to reach out to the school and ask for a meeting if things aren’t going well. Taking action at the first signs of trouble was important in pre-COVID times — before school shutdowns, chaotic remote learning, and massive academic slide. Now, it’s more important than ever that families quickly figure out how to get the support they need for their kids.

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    Universal design: A tool for learning and living

    If you want to help out with a local fundraiser, you have many options depending on your strengths and interests. You might write the notice for the local newspaper if you’re a strong writer or deliver the welcome remarks at the event if that’s the best way for you to get ideas across.

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