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How to take action this Learning Disabilities Awareness Month


October is Learning Disabilities Awareness Month — a time to recognize the more than 70 million people in the United States who have learning and thinking differences. It’s also an opportunity for all of us to support neurodivergent people as they navigate different challenges and opportunities.

As the resource for people who learn and think differently, is always looking for ways to increase awareness of learning and thinking differences like ADHD, dyslexia, and dyscalculia. But this month in particular, we’re excited about the nationwide focus on learning and thinking differences and helping others take action. Learn how you can join our mission to shape the world for difference.

Learn more about learning and thinking differences

In the United States, 1 in 5 people learn and think differently. Millions of them are undiagnosed or unaware that what they’re experiencing is a learning and thinking difference — and that there are strategies that could help them thrive at school and at work. 

Understanding what learning and thinking differences are can go a long way toward creating awareness, shifting perceptions, and unlocking opportunities for neurodivergent people. Whether you have learning differences or are a parent, teacher, or other caregiver in a neurodivergent person’s life, here are a few great ways to start taking action:

Download and explore Wunder

Wunder is a free community app for parents and caregivers of children who learn and think differently. It’s the only place where parents can safely connect with other parents to find support, seek advice from experts, and get resources to help their child thrive. Learn more and download Wunder.

Listen to an podcast 

Creating space to discuss shared experiences is a powerful way to build inclusion. The Understood Podcast Network has five podcasts rooted in empowerment, honesty, knowledge-building, and even humor. Each episode works to combat stigmas and build understanding around learning differences: 

  • In It showcases the stories of parents and caregivers who are “in it” with their neurodivergent kids. 

  • ADHD Aha! spotlights the personal, unexpected, and even funny moments people have when it finally clicks that they or someone they know has ADHD. 

  • How’d You Get THAT Job?! explores how people with learning and thinking differences found a job that they love. 

  • The Opportunity Gaphighlights the intersection of neurodiversity, race, and privilege from the perspective of educators and parents. 

  • Season 1 of Understood Explains covers the ins and outs of the process school districts use to evaluate kids for special education services, with tips for parents from a licensed psychologist.

Tune in, download, subscribe, and share the links with friends and family. 

Try Take N.O.T.E.

Developed by in partnership with the American Academy of Pediatrics, Take N.O.T.E. is a free, interactive, web-based experience available in English and Spanish. It uses a simple, four-part memory device — N.O.T.E. — to help families identify the signs of possible learning and thinking differences in their kids:

  • Notice if there’s something going on with your child that’s out of the ordinary.

  • Observe and keep track of patterns.

  • Talk with other people who can help support your child, like pediatricians, teachers, and other caregivers.

  • Engage your child to get information and explore options for what to do next.

Knowing what steps to take if you think your child has a learning difference can feel overwhelming. Take N.O.T.E. can help provide clarity and get people the support they need sooner.

Explore’s diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) workplace offerings

At, we know that people with disabilities add value to the workplace, and that an inclusive environment doesn’t just benefit a particular group of employees — it benefits everyone. offers a variety of disability inclusion products and services including on-demand training, virtual live training, and customized workplace assessments and action plans to help employers shape their workplaces and hiring programs for difference.

Learn more about our workplace offerings

At, we’re working to shape a world where every person can thrive — but it takes all of us to do that. During Learning Disabilities Awareness Month and beyond, join us in shaping the world for difference.

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