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Introducing our influencers


In a world where influencers are known for selling products, at, we work with influencers to shape the world for difference so people who learn and think differently can thrive.

It’s a diverse group that includes psychologists and therapists. Coaches and advocates. All are passionate content creators. Many have learning and thinking differences. 

They’ve made the conscious choice to work with us because they believe in our mission. They know how important it is to provide the accurate information and tools people need to thrive. From expert tips to community support, we’re all here to help.

Read on to learn more about why they work with us, in their own words.

Dr. Carrie Jackson

Licensed Child Psychologist

I am a psychologist with ADHD who works with individuals with ADHD. In my work, I help families of children with differences feel supported and confident. I chose to partner with Understood because I have been passionate about their resources for a long time. I often recommend their website, Wunder App, and specific resources (i.e., IEP toolkit) to parents I work with.

There is so much misinformation out there and a lack of resources for this community. I love being able to provide some quick tips and tools to the places where people can easily access it, such as their phone.

You can follow me on Instagram @dr.carriejackson  

Leslie Priscilla

Founder, Latinx Parenting 

I am diagnosed with ADHD. But, I was undiagnosed for 35 years while having many symptoms. I was misunderstood by both my parents and teachers.

I make content and teach courses for the Latinx community. In our community, ADHD symptoms are often seen as laziness. Many children are not given the right support because of this stigma. Parents may feel ashamed to ask for support, and feel judged. Also, Latinx children are often stereotyped as disobedient or overactive. My work aims to empower parents to advocate for themselves and their children.

You can follow me on Instagram @latinxparenting

Dr. Raquel Martin

Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Assistant Professor, & Scientist

The mission of just makes sense. I appreciate the range of resources they have for different demographics such as parents and adults. I am a psychologist so I love a one-stop shop to hand out to my patients. I also appreciate the app that gives a space for parents to find resources for their children. It cultivates community. Parenting children, whether they have learning and thinking differences or not, is tough. Having a community that understands really helps.

When I logged into, I saw someone that looked like me. I appreciate that because the images in resources for people with learning and thinking differences often all look the same.

I give information on Black mental health and liberation psychology. It helps my community because I make coping skills and resources for everyone while centering the Black experience. There is a lot of stigma around mental health. This is especially true in the Black community. My content helps spread the fact that we all deserve therapy. I also discuss topics like disparity in diagnosis and racism-related stress.

You can follow me on Instagram @raquelmartinphd

Onyi Azih

Mom, Psychiatric PA (PA-C), Content Creator

Understood is a resource I know would have been helpful for me when I was in school. And as I parent children with learning and thinking differences, it’s even more helpful now.

I create content for families and millennial moms that increases awareness about mental health and ADHD. 

You can follow me on Instagram @sincerelyonyi

Torrian Timms

Speaker, Activist, Creator of the “Sistas with ADHD” Community

When Understood reached out, it was an immediate yes. My community is underserved in the mental and medical health fields. Learning that Understood was accessible to all was important. My work is all about teaching women there is no shame in their brain-based differences. Understood’s mission is to normalize differences. I feel aligned. 

I share content centered on my experiences as a Black woman with ADHD. My audience gets to see themselves through my experience. They get to  feel a sense of community — a community I like to call the “Sistahood.”

You can follow me on Instagram @torriantimms and @sistaswithadhd

Casey Harrison

Certified Academic Language Therapist, Licensed Dyslexia Therapist, Certified Structured Literacy Dyslexia Specialist 

My name is Casey and I’m a mama, dyslexia therapist, and educator. I love teaching students, families, and educators about all things related to dyslexia.

For years I have sent parents and educators alike to It provides a wealth of easy-to-digest information about learning differences is near to my heart. 

My work is rooted in empowering people to understand themselves. I help them learn to advocate for what they need to thrive. I am excited to create a partnership with Understood because we share a desire to make an impact.

I love that I'll be able to deep-dive into areas like dyslexia and reading instruction, and then share all the best teaching tips and articles. Plus therapy activities. It's just awesome.

You can follow me on Instagram @thedyslexiaclassroom

Want to work with Reach out to to learn more.

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