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Music for every mood: Understood launches Spotify Music Playlists


Music can have a great impact on our minds and bodies. Research has shown that it can reduce stress levels and increase productivity. Music even has a positive effect on learning and memory. 

That’s why Understood is updating its Spotify Channel with playlists designed to help listeners achieve specific goals. Each playlist focuses on a different theme: relax, focus, energize, and sleep. Listeners can choose the best one for their needs, whether they’re trying to unwind after a long day or get the energy to power through a workout.

Each playlist has been carefully curated by Understood expert and clinical psychologist Dr. Andrew Kahn. 

“Music can fulfill various roles in our environment, whether it’s providing a source of pleasure, acting as ambient noise, or simply covering up other sounds in our surroundings,” says Dr. Kahn. “For people who are easily distracted, it can block out other noises that divert attention away from what they’re trying to get done.”

With his professional expertise and passion for music, Dr. Kahn has crafted each playlist to make sure that every song serves a purpose and helps deliver the experience listeners are looking for.

Relax playlist

If you need a moment of calm and tranquility, this playlist is ideal. Filled with soothing melodies and gentle rhythms, this playlist will help you unwind and release tension from your body and mind. It’s ideal for practicing mindfulness, meditating, or simply enjoying some quiet time alone. 

Start relaxing.

Focus playlist

If you’re struggling to concentrate on a task or project, the focus playlist is here to help. Featuring instrumental tracks and steady beats, this playlist is designed to minimize distractions and enhance your ability to stay on task. It’s great for studying, working, or any situation where you need to maintain focus. 

Get focused.

Energize playlist

Need a pick-me-up? The energize playlist is filled with uplifting tunes and fast-paced rhythms that are sure to get your heart pumping and your energy levels soaring. Use this playlist during a workout, or when you need an extra boost of motivation to tackle a challenging task.

Get charged.

Sleep playlist

Having trouble falling asleep? Music can make it easier by providing a calm, relaxing environment that may help a person prepare their body for sleep. The sleep playlist features calming melodies and gentle soundscapes that encourage relaxation and help you drift off into a peaceful slumber. It’s perfect for winding down at the end of the day and creating a soothing atmosphere for restful sleep. 

Wind down.

Whether you need to relax, focus, energize, or sleep, these playlists have something for everyone. Give them a listen today.

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