3 helpful articles for job hunting during the coronavirus pandemic

Finding a job can be stressful enough on its own. And now that stress has been amplified by a global pandemic. We could all just vent about how hard it is, but that would serve no purpose.

Instead, I want to share three articles that I found useful to help with the uncertainty and stress of the job search.

Each article below stood out to me in its own way. Collectively, all of the information provided is realistic and usable for what we’re dealing with right now.

1. 12 tips to navigate your job search during COVID-19, from George Williams College of Aurora University

What I like most about this article is how honest they are in acknowledging the struggle of what’s going on right now. The 12 quick tips that they provide are spot-on for this moment.

The tip that stood out to me the most was #2: “Expect to apply for five to 10 times the number of jobs that you had planned to before the COVID-19 pandemic.” This is something I’d never really thought about.

This article caught my eye because it discusses networking.

I know people (including me) are trying to think of anyone in their circle who could possibly help with a job. But according to this article, there is a right and wrong way to network. You don’t want to just reach out to someone you haven’t spoken to in years and ask for something.

It’s important to form connections, and to network strategically. Strategically meaning that you need to be mindful of who you have in your network and whether or not they can help you. Don’t just blindly reach out to people, but think about who you’re talking to and why.

If you’re just out of high school or college, this article will give you tips to prepare for the job hunt. Their advice is to be flexible and start small.

The fact that this pandemic pretty much has everything, including job hunting, at a standstill is mind-blowing to me. What’s going to happen next? I don’t know. But I hope these three articles help you feel calmer as you figure out your next move.


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