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Understood is the leading nonprofit empowering the 70 million people with learning and thinking differences in the United States.

We’re building a community where all people who learn and think differently can feel supported. Our free resources give people the tools they need to thrive — while helping them understand they’re not alone.


We help 20+ million people every year

Whatever help you’re looking for, you’ll find it here at Understood. And it’s all free.

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Understood Experts are behind our articles, podcasts, and community groups. They are professionals from the fields of education, mental health, medicine, activism, and public policy.

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Rayma Griffin, MA, MEd
Rayma Griffin, MA, MEd, Educational Consultant

“Connecting with parents and providing information to help them navigate their children’s journey through school is so gratifying. And knowing they’re not alone is often such a comfort to families who have kids who struggle academically or socially.”

Build skills and confidence

The more you use Understood, the more you build confidence, feel connected to others, and are able to advocate for your child.

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Lynn Marvin
Lynn Marvin, Parent

“It’s the kind of resource that I wish I had when we started on this journey with my son.”

Learning disabilities can affect anyone

You’re not alone. And we want the world to know that. So we tell stories through award-winning issue awareness campaigns that reduce stigma and increase understanding.

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Shape the world with us

Let’s shape a world where all ways of learning and thinking are embraced. Together, we can create inclusive programs and content to drive your mission and workforce forward. Ready to make a difference?


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