How to declutter your CPU desktop screen

When was the last time you could see your desktop screen in full view? Try this method to declutter your desktop screen (and keep it organized).

1. Create storage folders. 

The more specific the folder name, the more organized you’ll be! Start broadly but narrow the categories as you work. My five main folders are Work, School, Photos, Applications, and Random. From there, I suggest sorting sub-folders chronologically so it’s easier to find old files. 

Last night, I couldn’t remember the title of an old paper to search for it. All I had to do was click through “School - Fall 2018 - English 378 - Raisin in the Sun Analysis.”

2. Remove items you don’t use. 

My rule is that if I don’t use it on a weekly basis, it doesn’t belong on my desktop. Photos, saved memes, that banana bread recipe I’ve been meaning to try for weeks….

I’m glad they exist, but do I need them right in the middle of my work space? 

3. Avoid downloading to your desktop. 

I used to let news articles, memes, and school files scatter across my desktop until they piled on top of one another. I changed my settings so when I click “Download,” each file is saved to my Downloads folder. I can still view files right away, but they don’t clutter my desktop. 

4. Set a time every week to declutter. 

I usually reorganize my downloads on Sunday nights. That way, I can be productive right at 9 a.m. on Monday.

5. Make your background meaningful. 

I used to scatter hundreds of files all over a picture of some random mountains. Then I changed my background to a goofy photo of my theater group. It encourages me to stay organized so I don’t end up covering my friend Ben’s face with a pizza meme.

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