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Reprint policy

The resources on are protected by copyright and other laws. You’re not allowed to reprint them without permission. This applies to all content on, including articles, tips, downloads, graphics, etc.

Below is our reprint policy. It tells you how to get permission. When you’ve gathered all your information and are ready to make your request, or for information that isn’t covered below, send an email to with the subject line “Understood Reprinting Request.”


Understood allows reprinting for a specific purpose. We want to give organizations and professionals access to Understood’s resources so they can help parents and educators support families of kids with learning and thinking differences. We don’t partner with or accept donations from any pharmaceutical company. You should read the reprint policy with this purpose in mind.


  • Linking to resources: You may link directly to Understood’s resources without asking for formal permission. However, we ask that you mention when possible.

  • Printing hard copies for a community or school group: You may print copies of Understood’s resources to distribute to a community group or at a school without asking for formal permission. There’s no charge. Just click the Print icon on any article for a printer-friendly version.

  • Reprinting (hard copy or online): If you want to reprint Understood’s resources on your website or as part of your printed materials, you must ask for formal permission.

To ask for permission, send an email to with the subject line “Understood Reprinting Request.” In the email, please provide: 

  • The name, address, and contact information for you and your organization

  • The name of and link to the Understood resource you want to reprint

  • Where you plan to reprint the resource — for example, on your website’s resource page or as part of a booklet you’re creating

  • Why you believe reprinting helps kids who learn and think differently

  • A statement that neither you, your website, nor your organization are sponsored or funded by any pharmaceutical company

You’ll receive a response to your request within five business days.

If you are a nonprofit organization, reprinting is generally free. But you must provide proof of your nonprofit status with your email request. This can be a government letter or your organization’s certificate of incorporation.

For all other requests, there’s typically a $500 donation per resource. This grants you a one-time, non-exclusive North American right to reprint the resource. Payment must be received prior to reprinting via donation at

Please note that there are resources on for which Understood has permission to publish, but for which it does not hold copyright. We can’t grant reprint permission for these resources.


If you receive permission to reprint an Understood resource, you must follow these rules and guidelines. There are no exceptions. 

  • Resources must be reprinted in their entirety with no copy changes.

  • Resources must include Understood’s byline under the title. Examples: By Gail Belsky,; Provided by (only if no author is noted)

  • Resources must include the following copyright information: Reprinted courtesy of © 20XX Understood for All, Inc. All rights reserved. [XX: Insert review year listed in the resource.]

  • All online resources must include an attribution notification. For example: “This resource originally appeared on [Insert link to original resource on].”

  • Please include the following canonical tag, if possible: < link rel= "canonical" href=[Insert link to original resource on] />

  • All online mentions of must be hyperlinked, and all internal links must be retained.

  • Resources must not be used in a way that suggests endorses or is associated with you or your organization.

  • Understood is available in English and Spanish, and our resources may not be translated into any other language.

  • Resources may not be published on the same page as a pharmaceutical ad.

  • You agree that will have no liability to you whatsoever, either express or implied, for the information, ideas, concepts, or opinions contained in the reprinted resources.

  • You may not use any photographs associated with our resources.

  • After you have completed the reprint, we ask that you please send us the link to the final work.

Finally, Understood reserves the right to revoke linking or reprint permission, at any time and for any reason. Understood will typically revoke permission if your use of Understood material is inappropriate or is contrary to the intent described in your request for permission.


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