Sahy Uhns, Musician With Dyslexia, Explains How to Pronounce His Name

When people come across “Sahy Uhns,” the stage name of musician Carl Madison Burgin, they often have no idea how to pronounce it. That’s by design.

As Burgin, who describes himself as “severely dyslexic,” explained recently in LA Weekly, the name Sahy Uhns stems from the musician’s struggle with . His stage name is actually pronounced “Science,” and it’s deliberately hard to read and pronounce.

This gives people a small window into what it’s like to have the condition. “I wanted to impose dyslexia on everyone else,” he says.

Of course, Burgin admits, it’s not always the best marketing tool. His stage name is often misspelled. But he takes that in stride: “I just think it’s funny because that’s how I am all the time!”

(A quick warning to parents: If you seek out Sahy Uhns’ music, keep in mind that it contains language that may not be appropriate for children.)

Are you curious about what it might feel like to have dyslexia? Take a look at our simulations of learning and thinking differences in Through Your Child’s Eyes.

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