Shaping an Accessible World: How our email redesign benefits users with differences and disabilities

At Understood, we believe that compliance isn’t enough when it comes to supporting the 1 in 5 people who learn and think differently. We strive to go above and beyond accessibility standards, in particular for our digital design and marketing efforts. Everyone benefits when we make our resources more accessible and inclusive, whether it’s a busy working parent or a college student with dyslexia. Not to mention, enhancing accessibility standards puts our creativity to the test in the best possible way.  

Beginning this winter, Understood’s emails for families, educators, and Spanish-speakers will have accessible features for people who are deaf, color blind, and have sight issues with text size. The new format enhances ADA accessibility across both light and dark modes, which makes it easier to view emails across devices and email service providers. Not only will this redesign benefit more people with differences and disabilities, it will also create a richer viewing experience for all users. 

The new email design will enhance accessibility with the following features:  

  • For users who are blind, the redesign allows screen readers to more easily read text and images 

  • The email and text will be scalable and responsive for users with sight issues who require larger text sizes  

  • The format’s color palette and contrast accounts for all types of colorblindness

“The new email redesign is a great example of how Understood puts the individual who learns and thinks differently at the center of the experience,” says Nathan Friedman, Understood Chief Marketing Officer. “Our teams prioritize accessible features in all of our designs and are setting new standards for inclusive branding, particularly in how we connect and market to our audiences.” 

Over the coming months, our emails for young adults and employers will start to include these more accessible features. By treating inclusion and accessibility as essential practices, Understood is working to shape more experiences for difference. 


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