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Listen to the trailer for Season 2 of The Opportunity Gap, a podcast for parents of kids of color who learn and think differently. Season 2 digs deeper into ADHD and other learning differences and offers tips on how to advocate for your child.

Host Julian Saavedra is a father of two. He’s also an assistant principal who has spent nearly 20 years working in public schools.

Season 2 begins Wednesday, October 5. Subscribe now!

Episode transcript

Julian: From the Understood Podcast Network, this is "The Opportunity Gap," where we talk with parents of kids of color who learn and think differently.

Guest 1: Smart and special education. They're not mutually exclusive. You don't get put in special education because you're not smart.

Julian: And we talk with experts about how to address the opportunity gap.

Guest 2: We're moving through this cultural acceptance of can ADHD be a disorder that doesn't necessarily mean we've got a label that's going to follow us for life?

Julian: My name is Julian Saavedra. I'm a father of two and an assistant principal in Philadelphia, where I've spent nearly 20 years working in public schools. I'll be your host. Join us for Season 2 as we dig deeper into ADHD and other learning and thinking differences — and share practical tips to help you advocate for your child. Tune in to "The Opportunity Gap," available wherever you get your podcasts. I'll catch up with you all soon.


  • Julian Saavedra, MA

    is a school administrator who has spent 15 years teaching in urban settings, focusing on social-emotional awareness, cultural and ethnic diversity, and experiential learning.

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    We’ll alert you whenever a new episode of your favorite show airs.

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