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Because differences are our greatest strength

DonateOpens new windowWhy support Understood? Neurodiversity and Stigma Study, 2022

The Neurodiversity and Stigma Study found that while a majority of parents believe learning and thinking differences are real, parents still believe in stigmas and false narratives around these disabilities. These stigmas negatively impact children’s mental health and often prevent parents from taking action to support their kids.

In April 2022, Understood unveiled its Neurodiversity and Stigma Study, which surveyed 1,500 parents of kids with and without learning and thinking differences. It explored:

  • What parents know, or think they know, about learning differences

  • Stigmas they’ve experienced or that they believe exist related to learning differences

  • Emotional, mental, social, and academic challenges their child has faced over the past two years

  • If and how parents have taken actions to engage with their child around challenges, and what the impact has been

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