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Understood Assistant FAQs

Q. What is the Understood Assistant and how does it work?

A. The Understood Assistant is a chat feature on our website. It uses artificial intelligence (AI) to provide answers to your questions.

To do that, it gathers information from our vast library of content and resources. Our content covers key learning differences, ADHD, and much more. And all of it is expert-reviewed.

Here’s the more technical answer if you’re interested. It uses OpenAI’s GPT-⁠4 model — the same technology that’s behind ChatGPT. It interprets your questions and crafts accurate, human-like responses. Then it uses large language models to make sure the responses come from our expert-reviewed content about learning and thinking differences. 

The Understood Assistant only shares information from So you always know that the answers are from a reliable source.

Q. How do I use the Understood Assistant?

A. It’s easy to use the Understood Assistant. You can write a question directly in the text box on Or you can choose a suggested topic to get started. Here are some example questions to try out:

  • What are signs my child might have ADHD?

  • How do I get my child to calm down?

  • What is the difference between a 504 plan and an IEP?

  • My friend insists my child has ADHD because he’s so active. Is there a polite way to tell her to mind her own business?

  • Other kids pick on my son for being emotional and getting upset easily. How can I help?

Q. How do I access the Understood Assistant?

A. There are a few ways to access the Understood Assistant. You can visit our site and tap on the chat bubble icon in the top right-hand corner of any page. That’ll take you to the assistant page. You’ll also see a link to it from many articles on the site. Or you can directly access it here:

Q. What does it mean that it’s a beta?

A. This means that it’s new. And we need visitors to (like you!) to make it better. When you use the Understood Assistant and give feedback, you’re shaping this experience for other people in the future. You can rate the Understood Assistant’s responses while you’re using it. Or you can email us at

Q. How do I know the answers are accurate?

A. The Understood Assistant only uses information from our expert-vetted library of content and resources. 

A panel of experts, including licensed psychologists, regularly evaluates responses to make sure they’re accurate, relevant, and helpful. We use this feedback to improve the assistant’s responses.

Q. What should I do if I get an answer that doesn’t seem relevant to me?

A. Generative AI can do some pretty exciting things. But it’s still new. The Understood Assistant won’t be perfect, but it’ll keep learning and improving.

The Understood Assistant gets information from our accurate and expert-vetted content. But while it’s learning, you might get a response that doesn’t fit your question or doesn’t seem right.

If this happens, let us know. You can use the thumbs-up or thumbs-down icons below the response. When you flag a bad response, you’ll be able to share more details. And always feel free to email us directly at

Q. Who can use the Understood Assistant?

A. Anyone with a mobile or desktop device can use it. The Understood Assistant is available in English. 

Q. Does the Understood Assistant remember earlier conversations I’ve had with it?

A. It will remember your conversation if you use the same browser and don’t clear your cookies. Once you clear your cookies, your chat history will not be available. To save the responses you get, simply tap on the copy icon under the response.

Q. Can the Understood Assistant provide medical advice?

A. No, the assistant can’t give medical advice. If you have concerns about a health issue, it’s important to talk to a health care professional.

Q. Can I share the Understood Assistant’s responses with my health care provider?

A. Yes, you can share this information with anyone. That includes your health care provider.

Q. Do I have to create an account to use the Understood Assistant?

A. No, you don’t need an account.

Q. How much does it cost to use?

A. The Understood Assistant is free to use.

Q. What are your terms of service and privacy policy?

A. Your use of the Understood Assistant is subject to the Understood Terms of Service. And see the Understood Privacy Policy for any privacy-related questions.

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