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Welcome to Wunder!

We’re glad you’ve joined Wunder! Here’s a guide to help you get the most out of Wunder.

Find your Wunder groups

Home is your hub for finding out what’s new on the app and meeting new community members. It’s the best place to discover new groups, see trending conversations, and see groups you’re already a member of.

On the Home tab, click on the “Groups” button to see all the groups you’re a member of. 

You can also head to the Profile tab and select “Your groups.”


Join new Wunder groups and conversations

Do you want to join more Wunder groups, or see all the groups available on Wunder? 

On the Home tab, click on the “Groups” button. Then, click “All groups” and select the groups you’d like to join.

Start conversations with your community

Do you have a topic you’d like advice on? Or a question for a Wunder expert? 

Navigate to one of your groups — from either the Home or Profile tab — and start a new thread by clicking the “Post” button.


Contribute to conversations in your groups

One of the best parts about Wunder is that you can answer questions, give guidance, or relate to stories from other community members. 

Join a conversation in one of your groups by commenting on a post. Or react to a post by clicking an emoji.


Learn through expert-vetted resources

Wunder has credible information about learning and thinking differences available at your fingertips. 

Click the Resources tab to find expert-vetted resources like articles, printable downloads, podcasts, and more to help you understand the basics. Plus, get helpful information about navigating challenging moments, like parent-teacher conferences and testing. 


Pro tip: Find a helpful resource but don’t have time to read it now? Bookmark it for another time. To find it later, go to Profile and click “Saved.” 


See you soon!

Be sure to subscribe to notifications so you can find out about new experts on the app, new groups, and other announcements. 

To enable push notifications, click into the Profile tab. Select “Settings,” then select “Notifications.” You can turn on notifications by making sure all toggles are blue.


Thanks for being part of the Wunder community. If you have more Wunder questions or feedback, send us an email at

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