“Brain Fog,” Self-Care, and Remote IEP Meetings: Coronavirus News and Tools

Having trouble getting anything done these days? You’re not alone. Chronic stress from the coronavirus pandemic is affecting the way our minds work. Learn about the brain science behind this, and explore self-care tips and strategies that can help people who learn and think differently cope during COVID-19.

Also in this week’s coronavirus roundup: tips for remote IEP meetings during school closures and a special kids’ edition of NBC Nightly News.

“Brain Fog” and Self-Care Ideas That Can Help

A neuropsychologist tells Boston’s WBUR how stress from the pandemic is making it harder for our brains to focus and get stuff done. Trouble making decisions? Can’t remember if you fed the dog? This kind of “brain fog” is common these days. And it can actually help us slow down and process our emotions.

One of Understood’s founding partners, the Child Mind Institute, offers pandemic tips for kids who struggle with attention.

Watch this PBS NewsHour interview to see how going for a walk during the day can help you sleep at night.

Headspace created this free set of mindfulness exercises for people in Michigan. But it’s useful anywhere and includes exercises for kids in different age groups.

This COVID-19 resource hub has self-care strategies for young kids, including watching Cookie Monster learn how to meditate.

The New York Times offers parents and caregivers ways to carve out space for emotions and maybe even find some joy right now.

New York’s Brooklyn Laboratory Charter School created this free toolkit for educators. It’s being shared on an Understood partner site, Educating All Learners.

IEP Meetings During School Closures

Tip #5 on this list from Edutopia: “Enable the confidentiality feature in emails.” You can also get answers to legal questions about remote IEP meetings from attorney and Understood editor Andrew Lee.

District Administration has this advice from a special education director: “Make sure parents are not muted at any point during the meeting.”

An Understood Teacher Fellow describes how she approaches IEP meetings today and always: “Whenever I hold any IEP meeting—remote or in-person—I make sure that each team member feels valued.”

NBC Nightly News: Kids’ Edition

This special nine-minute episode answers kids’ questions about the coronavirus and includes learn-at-home tips from Understood expert Bob Cunningham. It’s helpful, non-scary information that parents can watch with their kids.

Get more coronavirus updates and tips for people who learn and think differently.

About the author

About the author

Julie Rawe is the special projects editor at Understood.