Understood’s Summer Book Club: Chat With the Authors of 3 New Must-Reads for Parents

ByAmanda Morin on Jul 02, 2018

It’s likely your child has been assigned books to read over summer break. But what’s on your summer reading list? If you’re not sure, we’ve got suggestions!

This July and August, we hope you’ll join the Understood Community’s 2018 Summer Book Club. We’ve teamed up with three renowned authors to discuss their new books on our discussion boards. Each book offers a new way to approach your relationship with your child with learning and thinking differences.

Why a book club for parents? Recently, Understood parents like you shared ways your relationship with your child changed after getting a diagnosis. The responses showed positivity, grit and a willingness to learn and grow. Those discussions inspired us to start a parent book club.

We want you to join us in learning and growing as we read and discuss books that explore new ways to view kids with learning and thinking differences. Best of all, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with the authors and fellow parents in the Understood Community to share thoughts, questions and insights as you read.

July 13–20: Discovering “The Good News About Bad Behavior”

What you need to know: Many parents of kids with learning and thinking differences feel blamed for their kids’ lack of self-control and their struggles with behavior. Katherine Reynolds Lewis wants parents to know they’re not alone. Her book shows that more kids than ever before are having trouble with self-regulation, even if they don’t have or another condition. She shares stories of families, including her own, that may remind you of your own family.

For this book club read, we’re focusing on understanding why this trend exists. More practically, the book will introduce you to “The Apprenticeship Model.” This approach helps kids learn to monitor and moderate their behavior to gain self-control.


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July 27–August 3: New Ideas on Raising a “Differently Wired” Child

What you need to know: Many parents of kids with learning and thinking differences experience feelings of guilt. Or they may feel like they constantly need to explain their child’s differences to others. Deborah Reber offers a new and helpful framework for parents. She encourages them to rethink how they view “neurodiverse” learners.

For this book, we’re discussing the idea that we should celebrate our children’s uniqueness instead of apologizing for it. You’ll also learn about tools and practical advice you can use to confidently support your child’s journey at school, at home and in life.


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August 10–17: An Inside Look at “Inclusion in Action”

What you need to know: The majority of kids with learning and thinking differences spend 80 percent or more of their day in the general education classroom. But just being there doesn’t mean they’re experiencing inclusion. Nicole Eredics wants parents to know that inclusion happens when teachers and parents work together. They must be committed to making the least restrictive environment work for their child.

For this book club read, we’ll look at how inclusive schools successfully include and teach students who struggle. The book also gives real-life examples of how teachers can implement strategies in the classroom that will benefit not just your child, but all students.


  • An exclusive interview with author Nicole Eredics. The educator, writer and founder of The Inclusive Class website and podcast, shares several strategies and ideas on how to work toward true inclusion.
  • A Weekend Wisdom chat with the author about the steps for implementing inclusion.
  • A continued conversation about the book with fellow parents in the Understood Community. Share your thoughts, insights and questions about how to put inclusion into action.

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About the author

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