Download: Signs that ADHD is affecting your relationship

Use this checklist to help identify when ADHD symptoms are impacting your relationship.

ADHD affects so many other areas of life, it’s hard to imagine that it wouldn’t impact your relationships. Still, you might not always recognize how or when ADHD challenges are getting in the way. 

Many ADHD relationship issues — big and small — come from trouble with executive function. This group of skills lets us manage emotions, stay focused, manage time, and more. 

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If you have ADHD, you’ve been living with the impact of executive challenges for a long time. That’s because ADHD is a problem with executive function.

The more you can recognize when ADHD symptoms are behind friction or misunderstanding in your relationship, the better able you’ll be to talk to your partner about it. Together, you can work on solutions.

This checklist includes some typical trouble spots that women with ADHD run into with relationships. Use it to help pinpoint some of your own hurdles. And share it with your partner to open up conversations.

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