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Tips and strategies

  • Shira Moskovitz, MA
    posted in Ask an expert: Dyslexia, tech, and learning

    If your child is having trouble managing their workload, there are tools you can use to help them. Many learners (or adults) find Focus To-Do helpful. It’s a Chrome extension that helps you work for 30 minutes and achieve a short-term goal. During that time, they focus on their work for 25 minutes. They take a 5-minute break when the timer goes off.

  • Quick tip
    Get focused through mindfulness.

    Mindfulness exercises and deep breathing are great for focus. They help people keep their thoughts from drifting — before or during a task.

  • Dr. Kristin J. Carothers
    posted in Ask an expert: ADHD and managing emotions

    Hello, everyone! When your child is facing a difficult situation, it’s important to go over their concerns, and also remind them of their strengths. Filling out these prompts together can help. [View resources in Wunder.]


Finding focus for my ADHD with freelance photography

Ryan Walter Wagner has bounced around many jobs with his ADHD. He’s found a home in freelance photography, where he elevates other people’s stories.


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