Be the reason your child thrives

When your child is struggling at school or at home, it’s not easy to know why it’s happening or what to do. You might wonder, Do other kids have the same struggles? Will my child grow out of it? Or should I look into this more? 

You’ve come to the right place to start getting answers. Our resources can help you understand what’s going on — and the steps you can take to support your child. 

You can be the reason your child thrives. Download this kit of fun, simple activities to get started. 

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When my parents listened

“My mom knew I was a curious, innovative, smart, playful young boy. She couldn’t understand why, when I was in a very traditional school system, I was below average. She would say, ‘You’re not stupid and you’re not lazy — there’s something else going on.’” 

— Gil Gershoni

“I’d vent and share how I felt. [My mom] would listen and validate my feelings. Then, once I’d calmed down, we would discuss how together we could make school better.” 

— Natalie Tamburello

“My parents know I’m smart and successful, and they’re proud of me. I have succeeded as a first-generation high school, college, and graduate student. They don’t care what I have.” 

— Mayra Flores

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